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Frequently Asked Questions About CE Marking

What Is CE Marking?

Confirmation that any product bearing a CE Mark complies with European Union Directives. Products exported to the European Union must have CE Marking in accordance with the applicable directives.

What are the Directives?

They are legislation covering a wide range of products. The member nations are required to implement them into national law. They include the essential health and safety requirements with which a product must comply.

What is a Notified Body?

It is an organization in a member country that has been accredited by a competent authority to certify products and register quality systems. The competent authority is the highest level of authority in the country.

What is a Declaration of Conformity?

The Declaration of Conformity is a written statement made by the manufacturer or his representative declaring conformity with the directive or directives that apply to the product. The Declaration of Conformity is sent with each shipment of product.

What is a Technical File?

The technical file is the documentation required to support the Declaration of Conformity. It includes at least the list of directives, list of standards used, mechanical and electrical drawings, test data, operating and installation instructions, certificates and technical reports from third party labs, and on-going compliance mechanisms.

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