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Welded Steel Bases and Weldments

Epping has the welded steel base for your project. Our bases are available in light, medium, or heavy duty. 

If you require a custom base or weldment, email Epping a  CAD  drawing, or send us a copy via Mail.  Also, Epping has a comprehensive Engineering Service if you would like us to design a base for you.

We also supply Pads and Feet, and can give your base a professional coat of paint. Check out our Base options and Specifications for further information.

Shipping Weights are also listed for your reference. 

roundbase.gif (26955 bytes) Circular Base with Louvered Panels square_base_full.gif (29137 bytes) Square base with welded top-plate
trough.gif (34033 bytes) Square base with coolant trough
stepbase.gif (29756 bytes) Step-base weldment.gif (274725 bytes) Custom Weldments
anglebase.gif (36053 bytes) Angle base

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