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Drilling, Tapping, Punching, and Sawing Machinery.


Drill, Tap, Punch, and Saw all on one versatile CNC machine. The model PTS 1000 is perfect for low to mid volume applications where quick part changeover is crucial.  This machine can also be quickly configured to perform multiple operations at the same time.  The illustration shows a PTS 1000 set-up for punching and tapping.

Epping's Rotary Drilling  / Tapping Machines are designed for high-volume applications.  These machines can be supplied with quick-release tooling for high speed change-over.  Our machines are pre-designed and debugged, we just design tooling, then add the correct drill/tap head(s) for your application.  You're then ready for production!


Automatic Servo Lead-Screw Tappers are perfect for high quality threads and Form thread applications.

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